Our treatments

General odontology

It is responsible for solving the problems with your mouth, teeth, and related structures. It means, refers to cleanings, extractions, dental education…


This theme treats the anomalies of the structures forms or positions of tooth and jaw structures. It wants to keep the armony, sthetics and functions of the dental organs.


Takes out, entire o partially, the dental flesh (ribs) of the dental pieces with problems of deep caries or another similar problems. It means, the typical toothache.

Dentistry for children

Treats the oral health of the little ones.

Stethic odontology

It is a speciallity of the odontology that treats problems related with the armony of the mouth sthetics. Who does not want to have a nice smile?

Oral and maxillofacial surgery

Treats a large number of anomalies, pathologies, aches and sthetics aspects of the mouth, teeth, face, head and neck.


The implantology, as you can imagine, wants to replace the missing teeth by an implant placement.


This odontology speciallity treats themes about the health and the sthetics of the gums and other tissues that supports the teeth.